Brabham BT14/BT21 von 1964

Brabham BT14  FL-1-65(II) One of the two cars believed to have worn FL-1-65 in period was bought new by Rodney Bloor, boss of Sports Motors (Manchester) and fitted with a 1500cc Ford twin cam engine for use in libre racing and non-championship F1 races in 1965. Bloor retired mid-season and car was sold to David Bridges and used in a few local sprints and libre races later in 1965. Then bought by Bryan Eccles (Solihull) and fitted with a 4.5-litre Traco Oldsmobile V8 for British Hill Climb Championship events, winning at Dyrham Park in September 1966. Then to Roy Lane (Warwick) and fitted with a supercharged 1600cc Ford twin cam for 1967 followed by a 3.5-litre Buick V8 for 1968 when it was also modified to BT21 specification. To Jimmy Johnstone for 1969, John Scott Walter in 1970 and then Malcolm Dungworth in 1971. Driven by: Rodney Bloor, David Bridges, Bryan Eccles, Roy Lane, Jimmy Johnstone, Peter Scott-Walter and Malcolm Dungworth. First race: Brands Hatch, 13 Mar 1965. Total of 60 recorded races.

KFZ Sachverständiger Anton Auer  bringt einen seltenen Brabham BT21 an den RedBullRing!

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